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The Greenaway Foundation Fiver Survivor

The Fiver Survivor

Is It Possible To Make Three Healthy Meals Per Day For Just £5? Could You Be A Fiver Survivor? In 2021 it is estimated that a single person living in the UK spends between £70-£80 per week on food and non-alcoholic drinks.  Due to the cost of living crisis and rising inflation many families are

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UK Child Poverty Rises

One In Three Children In The UK Lives In Poverty UK child poverty continues to rise, with one in three children now living below the poverty line.   In the United Ki­­ngdom, the dual challenges of the cost-of-living crisis and child poverty have cast a shadow over the lives of many families, painting a grim picture

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Sponsors Event 2024

Thank You To Those That Help The Greenaway Foundation Greenaway Residential Estate Agents has always had an ethos of supporting their local community.  This is why the company set up their registered charity, The Greenaway Foundation.  The Foundation continues that culture and believes in thanking everyone who helps the charity to further its efforts in

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Life’s Lemons

#Thank You At our recent sponsors event, Sami Shelford a recently published author wrote a poem to thank ‘The Greenaway Foundation’ for their recent support.  During some troubling times in Sami’s life, she started writing poetry.  Collating many of them together, she has put them into a book called ‘#Life’s Lemons’.  Showcasing her talent she

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Tiffany’s Story

In 2010 The Very First Christmas Delivery Was Made In a chance conversation, a school counsellor made Darren Greenaway aware of a young lady who was potentially going to be spending Christmas alone.  Wanting to make a difference in the local community, Darren decided to try and make things a little better for her.  So

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Christmas 2023

The Greenaway Foundation Helps More Than Ever Every Christmas since 2010 The Greenaway Foundation has been providing families with all the ingredients they will need to cook a two course Christmas dinner.  In 2016 the Wishing Tree was introduced, so many of the children from the families we help could make a wish for a Christmas present up to

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