Crawley Community Awards 2024

Elated Local Charity Shortlisted For Crawley Community Award

Crawley Community Awards
Crawley Community Awards 2019

Exciting News! The Greenaway Foundation charity is honoured to be shortlisted for a Crawley Community Award, recognising the dedicated fundraising efforts of the whole team. We are proud to serve this vibrant community and grateful for the acknowledgement.

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you. The Greenaway Foundation has been shortlisted for a prestigious accolade at the Crawley Community Awards, set to take place at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley on 25th June 2024. The Foundation was shortlisted from more than 700 other worthy charities nominated, it is an honour to be recognised in the category of Fundraising which seems to be an all year event nowadays.

This milestone is not ours alone – it reflects the collective spirit and generous contributions from our local communities of Crawley, East Grinstead and Horley.  The unwavering support and financial donations have been instrumental in sponsoring countless wishes for children in the local area.  
A wish is a specific present a child has asked for up to the value of £25. For this, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every individual, business, and organisation that has contributed to our cause over the past fourteen years.

A special thank you to all the schools, pre-schools and nurseries, council bodies, and those nominating families in need. Your involvement is invaluable. Moreover, we extend our gratitude to the local community members who have brought joy during Christmas as ‘reindeer’, ‘elves’ and ‘angels’.

We also want to acknowledge our VIP attendees, all the sponsors, esteemed Members of Parliament, local Mayors, High Sherrif’s of West Sussex, The Lord Mayor of West Sussex and local Councillor’s.  
Without everyone’s help, we could not achieve so much in our local community highlight the charity’s work helping with child poverty in the counties of West and East Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

The Crawley Community Awards in annual event to celebrate local heroes and is organised by Crawley Borough Council in association with the Hawth Theatre and the Crawley Observer.  This year is is the their nineth event and The Greenaway Foundation are pleased to be shortlisted for the second time.

In 2019 The Greenaway Foundation were awarded the title of Community Champion at the Crawley Community Awards, a proud honour that adorns the wall in the office of Greenaway Residential Estate Agents in Crawley.   As the Greenaway Foundation is the charitable side of the estate agents, which the team are very proud of, and regularly donate a lot of their time too.

For Christmas 2024, the aim of The Greenaway Foundation is to help 1,000 local families by delivering to them all the ingredients they need to cook a healthy two course Christmas dinner.  It is also the aim of the charity to make at least 2,000 wishes come true for children.

How Was Christmas 2023?

Last Christmas was the charity’s busiest Christmas to date.  In total just under 900 families received deliveries and just over 1,600 children received their wishes.  To do this we needed the help of over fifty elves (helpers) and two hundred and fifty reindeer (deliver drivers) turned up with their sleighs (cars) and raised over £60,000.   

Would You Like To Sponsor A Child's Wish?

Our aim is to help every child to receive their wish, however to date this has not been possible.  So The 1,600 children that received their wish last Christmas were deemed the most in need.  If you would like to make an difference and sponsor a child’s wish this Christmas, please click on the link to go to our Go Fund Me Page