Life’s Lemons

#Thank You

At our recent sponsors event, Sami Shelford a recently published author wrote a poem to thank ‘The Greenaway Foundation’ for their recent support.  During some troubling times in Sami’s life, she started writing poetry.  Collating many of them together, she has put them into a book called ‘#Life’s Lemons’.  Showcasing her talent she wrote the poem ‘#Thank You’, which she read to everyone in the room.

We all have hit hard time’s before, be it financial, mental or health. 
The pressure of the cost of living makes things difficult for those without wealth.
There’s light at the end of the tunnel if you open your eyes and see.
Sometimes a little help to look, here’s what happened to me.

Christmas was looking gloomy and my bank account thinner than thin. 
The Greenaway Foundation helped put the spirit back in.
A day which I was dreading and so fearful of what was to come.
Was saved and made so memorable with presents for the kids and mum!

A dream maker, a fixer, a problem solver and more,
Helping families, who are struggling and those who are poor.
At a time when all seems impossible and you’re thinking there’s no hope.
Comes a hero without a cape providing what’s needed to help you cope.

I thank you with all my heart every person in this room.
For making my life more bearable because of the kindness and care from you.
Keep going with your dream to help more people every year.
But most of all let’s thank Darren, raise your glass and give him a cheer

Without him this would not be possible and life would be 
looking blue.
So thank you from the bottom of my heart, for simply being you.
A man who has a passion for life and sees in others the same.
You don’t know how many lives you’ve saved, far too many to name.

So help me by raising your glass to a hero who hides in 
plain view.
Thank you for founding this charity and doing what you do. 

Sami Shelford Poems About Real Life is available to purchase at £8.99 by emailing
£2 from every book sale will be donated to The Greenaway Foundation.

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