Christmas 2024

The Greenaway Foundation Christmas Efforts 2024

What Did The Greenaway Foundation Achieve During Christmas 2023

Last Christmas we are thrilled to announce that just under 900 families felt the warmth of the season through deliveries carefully prepared by our army of volunteers. These parcels were not just boxes of food; they were symbols of love, hope and community spirit that reached homes where cheer was needed the most.

But what is Christmas without the sparkle in children’s eyes? Over 1,600 little ones embraced the magic of Christmas when they received their very own Christmas wishes. Each wish, up to the value of £25, wasn’t merely a present but a testament to the generosity that lies within us all.  A generosity that makes wishes come true for those who dream.

The success of this mammoth endeavour could not have been possible without our incredible volunteers, over 250 dedicated individuals who became part of our festive force. Transformed into elves and reindeer over two days, these helpers and delivery drivers worked tirelessly to set up and distribute joy across the community.

We cannot express enough appreciation for every volunteer who donned their elf hats or revved their ‘sleighs’ as reindeer.

What Would We Like To Achieve For Christmas 2024

This year, we are setting our sights high with the ambition to help over 1,000 families and make at least 3,000 wishes come true for individuals in our community.  To make this dream a reality, we aim to raise in excess of £100,000. That is why we have begun our fundraising efforts early and are working tirelessly to expand the charitys’ infrastructure.  Our goal is not only to reach more people but also to ensure that every penny is used efficiently to bring smiles and hope during this special time of year. 

Your generosity has always been the cornerstone of our success, and this Christmas, your support means more than ever. Let’s come together and spread the warmth of giving far and wide!

Are You Able To Sponsor A Food Item?

For the past six years, we have been incredibly fortunate to witness the generosity of local businesses who have come together with open hearts to sponsor food items for our Christmas hampers.  Each year, these hampers are crafted with love and care, filled with every item a family requires to cook a two course healthy Christmas dinner.  The act of sponsoring a food item is more than just a contribution; it’s a beacon of community spirit and kindness that shines brightly in every hamper delivered.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the local businesses that have participated in this beautiful tradition. Their support has made an immeasurable difference in the lives of those who receive a delivery each Christmas.  This year, as we start our Christmas efforts once again, we invite you to join this wonderful group of benefactors. Why not sponsor a food item? Whether you are a longstanding business in the community or a new neighbour on our streets, your sponsorship can add an extra sprinkle of joy to someone’s festive celebrations.

Vegetable Oil (small)
Vegetable Oil (large)
Stuffing (small)
Stuffing (large)
Small Chickens
Medium Chickens
Large Chickens
Extra Large Chickens
Nut Roast
Cranberry Sauce
Small Christmas Puddings
Medium Christmas Puddings
Large Christmas Puddings
Extra Large Christmas Puddings
Yule Log
Mince Pie

Sponsored by CGG in Crawley
Sponsored by CGG in Crawley
Sponsored by CGG in Crawley
Sponsored by CGG in Crawley
Sponsored by IT Document Solutions in Crawley
Sponsored by Gelstarr Windows in Crawley
Sponsored by BGL Communications in East Grinstead
Sponsored by Global Associates in Haywards Heath
Sponsored by MAS Accountancy in Horley
Sponsored by Crawley Rugby Club in Crawley
Sponsored by GC Waste Disposal & Metal Recycling in Horley
Sponsored by Paines & Gray in Reigate
Sponsored by Global Associates in Haywards Heath
Sponsored by Sage Publishing in London
Sponsored by Sage Publishing in London
Sponsored by Gelstarr Windows
Sponsored by
Grace Overseas Logistics in Crawley

Sponsor A Reindeer (New For Christmas 2024)

This festive season, you have the unique opportunity to bring smiles and warmth to children by becoming an integral part of our magical Christmas journey. We are inviting compassionate businesses to sponsor one (or more) of our nine devoted reindeer, each one a beloved companion to Santa on his annual mission of merriment.

By choosing a sponsorship package ranging from £250 to £2500, not only will you be adopting one of these iconic Christmas figures, but also you will be directly contributing towards fulfilling the wishes of 4,000 little dreamers. Each wish is a specific present that a child has longed for – something special up to the value of £25 that will light up their world.

Your support is pivotal. With every reindeer sponsored, we edge closer to achieving our heartfelt goal of making 4,000 wishes come true. This is not just about presents; it’s about manifesting the magic and essence of Christmas for those who dream of it most.

Remember, “a wish is a specific present that a child has wished for up to the value of £25.” It’s more than just an item; it’s hope, joy, and proof that kindness exists in abundance during this time of year. Your sponsorship could be the reason behind a child’s brightest smile on Christmas morning and inspire them in ways that you would not believe.  To read how our help inspired one of the first children we helped check out Tiffany’s story.

Dasher £250

SPONSORED – Sponsored by Grace Overseas Logistics in Crawley, 
Are you ready to be a part of the merriest mission this side of the North Pole? It’s time to sponsor Dasher! Yes, that’s right – with your help, Dasher will not just be guiding Santa’s sleigh; he will be delivering dreams with £250 worth of Smyths Vouchers tucked in his antlers. By sponsoring Dasher, you are not just getting on the nice list; you’re making sure that no less than ten twinkling-eyed children will have their wish come true this Christmas. Imagine their faces lighting up faster than Rudolph’s nose when they unwrap a gift made possible by you and Dasher!

Dancer £500

SPONSORED – Sponsored by MAS Accountancy in Horley
Ever met a reindeer with more groove than Santa’s entire playlist? Meet Dancer! Not only does this festive four-legged friend have moves that could out-jingle any bell, but Dancer’s also on a mission to sprinkle extra cheer this Christmas!  Now, hold onto your elf hats because here is where it gets even more exciting. By sponsoring our jolly jigging Dancer, you are not just helping him perfect his pirouettes for the North Pole dance-off. You’re unlocking a magical treasure chest of £500 Amazon vouchers! 

Prancer £750

SPONSORED – Sponsored by Freshmill Serviced Offices in Haywards Heath
Did you hear about Prancer’s special Christmas mission?  He is not just pulling Santa’s sleigh this year; he is delivering smiles to thirty lucky kids with a sleigh-full of gaming goodies!  When you sponsor our four-legged festive friend Prancer, you are making magic happen with Roblox vouchers!  Picture this: 30 ecstatic kids waking up to a Christmas miracle of Roblox vouchers! That’s right, thirty cheers for each child made merry thanks to YOU!


Vixen £1000

SPONSORED – Sponsored by Meranti Accounting in East Grinstead
This Christmas, our very own Vixen is turning into a fairy god-deer! Forget the sleigh, she’s kicking things up with £1000 of Boots vouchers to make the festive dreams of forty little humans come true.  That’s right! While Dasher and Dancer are busy prepping for the big flight, Vixen has decided that dashing through the snow is out and making it rain (with vouchers) is in. Because nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like a voucher and strut into grandma’s house and say, “Look what Vixen got me!”


Comet £1250

Ho-Ho-Hold the sleigh!  This Christmas don’t just shoot for the stars—aim for a Comet! That’s right, for just £1250 in Bodyshop vouchers, you can be the cosmic hero that grants fifty children’s wishes faster than Santa saying, “Ho Ho Ho!”
Picture this: Each child’s face lighting up like a Christmas tree when they realise their wish has come true.  So let’s Comet together and turn those wish lists into ‘wish-granted’ lists. After all, isn’t making wishes come true what Christmas is all about?

Donner £1500

Why not play Santa for a change? By sponsoring Donner, you can spread some serious cheer without having to squeeze down the chimney!  For just £1500 of vouchers from the Entertainer (yes, THE best toy shop on the High Street), you will make seventy little faces light up brighter than Rudolph’s nose.  Imagine being the reason why seventy children’s wishes come true! It’s like being a festive superhero, minus the spandex suit.  So grab those Donner vouchers and let’s sprinkle joy like confetti this holiday season. And remember, these wishes are not going to grant themselves.

Cupid £1750

SPONSORED by Gelstarr Windows in Crawley
This Christmas, we’re giving Santa a run for his money because our Cupid’s got game – literally! Introducing the ultimate festive sponsorship: £1750 of Xbox vouchers are up for grabs, and 60 lucky kids will be scoring more than just goals in FIFA.
We’re not talking small-time wishes here, folks. We’re talking epic Christmas morning victory dances as the little ones unwrap the magic of gaming!   Your mission, should you choose to accept it: bring joy to the heart and gaming glory to the kids who’ve made it onto the nice list (and let’s be honest, probably some from the naughty one too).

Blitzen £2000

This Christmas, we are not just dashing through the snow; we are making dreams come true with a magical sleigh-full of gaming joy!  Fancy being Santa’s sidekick? Join us by sponsoring Blitzen—the most high-tech reindeer of them all!
For £2000, you will be showering Play Station vouchers to eighty starry-eyed children, granting gaming wishes faster than Blitzen can bolt across the night sky. That’s right, your generosity could make you more popular than Santa at a toy convention!  Unleash the power of play and watch as eighty little faces light up when they receive their Christmas miracle. Remember, it’s not just about the reindeer games; it’s about the joy you will spread with every voucher.

Rudolph £2500

Ever dreamt of being Santa for a day? Well, now’s your chance to don the red suit and make some magic happen! Sponsor the ultimate reindeer – yes, we’re talking about our red-nosed VIP, Rudolph!  For £2500 of Argos vouchers, you can step into Santa’s boots and fulfil not one, not ten, but ONE HUNDRED wishes for children this Christmas.  So why wait for a sleigh? Put Rudolph in the checkout and let’s turn those wishes into reality. After all, it’s not every day you get to be part of an exclusive herd that brings joy to little ones. And hey, who needs a sleigh when you’ve got the power of The Greenaway Foundation at your fingertips?

Sponsor An Elf (New For Christmas 2024)

Some of the families that are nominated need an extra help or we feel that good things should happen to good people.  For these families we have the ‘Valerie Award’. Valerie was Darren Greenaway’s mother and many of her principals the Greenaway Foundation is built on.  Like first of all make sure you have a roof over your head, then food on the table and a shirt on your back, everything else is a luxury.  Why not help us help these families by sponsoring an elf.

Alabaster Snowball £100
SPONSORED – Sponsored by Bond & Associates in Horsham (x4)
Here’s a jolly good twist, instead of parents sneaking around like undercover elves buying presents for their little ones, we are giving some deserving children the chance to surprise their parents with some Christmas magic!  That’s right, Santa’s got some competition!  By sponsoring Alabaster Snowball, you are not just spreading festive cheer; you are empowering children to pick out the perfect present for Mum and Dad.  Imagine the look on those grown-up faces when they unwrap a gift from their very own offspring – priceless!  Nothing boosts a child’s self-esteem like seeing their parents’ eyes light up with joy.  Sponsor now and let’s make sure every tiny hand gets to exchange gifts with those who matter most. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?
Bushy Evergreen £250

SPONSORED – Sponsored by Freshmill Serviced Offices in Haywards Heath
By choosing to sponsor Bushy Evergreen, you are doing more than just spreading festive cheer; you’re delivering love and warmth straight to the doorstep of a family who needs it. With your help a family that has no cooking facilities, will receive a scrumptious warm cooked Christmas dinner.  Join us on this delicious mission! Let’s ensure that no table is left without a festive platter this season. Be someone’s miracle; be someone’s reason for an extra special Christmas smile.  Are you ready to make magic happen? Let’s do this! Sponsor Bushy Evergreen and let’s bring families together over a meal they will cherish forever!


Pepper Minstix £300

This Christmas, there will be four little hearts that dream of a Christmas morning filled with joy and surprise.  But the truth is, some stockings remain empty when they should be overflowing with cheer. That’s where YOU come in!  By sponsoring Pepper Minstix, you are not just gifting, you are upgrading wishes! That’s right, we are talking about boosting each of those four children’s wishes upgraded to £75 each!   Many families have nothing at this festive time of year, but your gesture can change that. Imagine being the reason a child believes in Christmas miracles. Imagine giving them a story they will tell for years to come about the year their Christmas wish got supercharged thanks to a kind stranger.

Shinny Upatree £350

Sponsor Shinny Upatree and make at least fourteen children’s Christmas wishes come true. No child should experience the despair of receiving nothing at Christmas whilst their friends feel joy and happiness.  Together, we can replace that silence with squeals of delight and that emptiness with heartfelt gratitude.  By choosing to support Shinny Upatree, you are not just gifting presents; you’re offering joy, hope, and the magic of Christmas to those who need it most. With each wish fulfilled, we bring more than just smiles, we ignite the spark of festive spirit in every child’s heart.

Wunorse Openslae £400

In the spirit of compassion and unity, let us take a moment to acknowledge those among us who have faced challenging times. Despite their kindness and good hearts, life has presented hurdles that seem insurmountable.  Wunorse Openslae believes in the power of community support, in the magic that we can create when we come together for a noble cause.  This festive season, we have a vision: to upgrade a whole family’s Christmas wishes. Imagine the sparkle in the eyes of children and the relief in their parents’ hearts as they witness their festive dreams unfold into reality. For just one day, let’s be the bearers of hope and joy for these deserving families!  We know this is no small feat. It’s a big ask, but then again, since when has putting value on hope and joy been measurable?

Sugarplum Mary £500

By sponsoring Sugarplum Mary, you extend a hand of kindness that reaches beyond just giving. You open the door for a family to gather around a table at a local restaurant and immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit, something that might have been just a dream without your help.  Imagine replacing their despair with delight as they savour each bite of a heart warming Christmas dinner. Picture the smiles of the children, hear the laughter, feel the gratitude and all because you chose to act.  Sponsorship through Sugarplum Mary is not just about food; it’s about creating memories that will last long after the decorations have come down. It’s about inclusivity, joy, and making sure everyone has a place at the Christmas table.

Would Like To Thank Many Other Companies & Official Bodies

Every year we receive help from many companies, organisation’s and individuals.  So we would like to thank them for their contribution.

For the past six years the school has graciously allowed us to use their facilities to organise our efforts

For the past two years Eezehaul Logistics have collected our ‘shopping’ and delivered it to Oriel High School

Every year, JR Removals have loaned us a Luton Van to help with the logistics, this has been invaluable.

Another unsung hero is First4Vans who loaned us a van so we can pick up hundreds of wishes at a time.

A recent addition to our family is The Entertainer, who have helped tirelessly with our wishes

Tesco’s help us procure the ingredients each year, but also supply us with the boxes to deliver them.


Elves come in all shapes and sizes, and BDO have supplied numerous Elves to help with the wrapping.

We must thank the staff at Virgin Holidays & Virgin Cargo, who take it upon themselves to make as many wishes come true as they can.  They are responsible for so many smiles on Christmas Day.

As the chosen charity for the East Grinstead Business Association, we would like to thank them for their fundraising efforts and support

Would You Like To Know More

If you would like to know more about The Greenaway Foundation or you would like to help please email 

Or if you would like to sponsor a child’s wish this Christmas, please go to our gofundme page, all donations are gratefully received and every penny goes to helping the community.  Greenaway Residential Estate Agents donates over 10% of all profits to cover the day to day running costs of the charity.