Tiffany’s Story

In 2010 The Very First Christmas Delivery Was Made

In a chance conversation, a school counsellor made Darren Greenaway aware of a young lady who was potentially going to be spending Christmas alone.  Wanting to make a difference in the local community, Darren decided to try and make things a little better for her.  So he turned up with all the ingredients the family would need to cook a two course Christmas dinner and some gifts.  At a recent charity event, Tiffany spoke about the event, and here is her story in her own words.  We could not be prouder of her. 

When I was about 15 years old, Darren delivered me a Christmas dinner. The first Christmas dinner that induced the birth of The Greenaway Foundation which now selflessly delivers Christmas dinners to hundreds of families each year. 

I want to share some of my early life experiences with you and share with you just why this act of kindness and generosity was so important, and exactly how impactful this was. 

Life at home wasn’t always easy, to be precise it wasn’t easy at all. My mother was a single mother, a drug addict, an alcoholic and regularly found herself in abusive relationships with many different men. My brother and I found ourselves fending for ourselves, often with very little sustenance, provision or supervision. Even if she had the capacity too, living below the poverty line meant that giving us even just enough was an almighty task for my mother. We were often left without basic necessities, let alone a full Christmas dinner. 

I remember being surprised by the offer of this gift from Darren. I had been let down by many services throughout my childhood and if felt unusual and unfamiliar to trust this generosity from a stranger. Let alone slightly embarrassing as a stubborn 15 year old adolescent. I was even more surprised when Darren arrived at my door on Christmas eve 11 years ago with a large box in hand containing everything one would need to enjoy a lavish and luxurious Christmas dinner. I was overwhelmed with emotion and complete gratitude. The food was enough and the bottle of perfume, Davidoff Cool Water if I remember correctly, was beyond enough. 

This experience was a turning point in my life. Although I had many challenges left to face, I felt hopeful, seen and validated. This single act of kindness gave me hope and vision for a better future. 

I stand here today, successful. I am now 26 years old. I am happy, healthy and lead a fulfilling life surrounded by positivity, support and motivation. I work now for a charity myself, supporting, rehabilitating, treating and caring for children with severe and complex early life trauma. Very soon I will complete my practitioners diploma in child and adolescent psychotherapy and then I will move onto my master’s degree. It is my aim and ultimate goal to continue supporting and guiding children and young people in knowing that they are more than the hand of cards dealt to them, to see their worth and capability and to motivate them to achieve something better for themselves. Offering the same support, guidance and hope that The Greenaway foundation gave me all those years ago. 

Darren, I am eternally grateful to you, for you dedication and commitment to the hundreds you help each year and I look forward to continuing to support your efforts in years to come. 

Thank you. 


First Delivery In 2010

The Greenaway Foundation's very first delivery being made.

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  1. So good to see how Tiffany has used that break to completely change her life
    Well done to The Greenaway Foundation and well Done Tiffany too xx

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